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marvel mcu meme: [5/6] movies → Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Recovering WS!Steve latching onto Bucky as a handler at first and being baffled because Bucky is a /terrible/ handler, he talks to the Asset too much and feeds him too much food. The Asset having nightmares about being Steve, the months and months Hydra spent breaking him down and he can't bear to be Steve because being Steve is pain and cold and fear and screaming for someone, someone specific, to come save him but that person never came. Being the Asset is quieter and simpler.


And Bucky.  Bucky’s trying, he is.  He’s doing his best but he’s so, so tired.  Because he looks at the Winter Soldier and he knows it’s Steve, but he never really wrapped his head around post-serum Steve, so when he thinks of his friend, it’s the skinny kid from Brooklyn.  Not Captain America.  Not - not this weapon sitting across from him.

And he’s just so tired.  But it’s Steve, so what else can he do?

So he does what he can.  He tries to keep Steve fed, keeps him as safe as he can.  They spend more time fleeing from Shield and Hydra and a million other groups, running circles round the world.  Bucky has a one-sided conversation going, a running monologue that he keeps going and going until his voice is gone and Steve never answers.

The day Bucky breaks is the day Steve shoots an unarmed agent - Shield or Hydra, it doesn’t matter - at point blank range.  Bucky sits right there on the ground with his face in his hands and if he cries, there’s no one around who will care enough to see.  When he pulls himself together, he finds that Steve has sat next to him.

"You weren’t always like this," Bucky says.  He doesn’t say anything more.  He’s out of words and he’s so fucking tired and Steve’s holding a gun with the same casual grip he used to use on pencils and paintbrushes.  He says it again, because he doesn’t know what else to do, "You weren’t always like this."

Then, so quietly Bucky almost misses it, Steve says, “I know.”



my goal in life is to make chris evans laugh while standing within arm’s reach of him

you know why

I am laughing so hard




3 year old death grip!



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"Why does anyone need to label themselves? Why can’t we all just be “human”?"


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  • Another label for the collectivists to place onto the scales of social justice?
  • oh for gods sake, enough with the labels. good grief
  • I don’t really see any problems with any of this but the need to define and put names on things seems kind of compulsive.

Why these comments are a problem:

Words are important.  They’re how we describe concepts.  They’re how we communicate.  I can say that I’m tall, and you understand something about me instantly.  You take that word away, and I have to fumble around for something of equivalent meaning.  “I’m greater than average height”?  Well, what’s “average height”?  And how much greater?  Not to mention that four letters has become four words.

On top of that, many identity terms are personal.  When someone says that they’re Jewish or Australian, that word is part of who they are.  It’s often deeply ingrained in how they relate to the world.  It’s a complex package of meaning in a deceptively simple container.

“Asexual” is a word that I need.  It’s a word that many others need.  For years, I had no idea what I was, what was wrong with me.  And then, one day, I found a word.  A word that described me.  A word where I belonged.  A word that meant I wasn’t broken.  If you take that away, I am lost and broken again.  Without that word, I am invisible.

To be clear, these comments aren’t people saying, “I wish we didn’t have to have labels.  I wish we could all just be ourselves.”  These are people saying “You do not need that word.  You can’t have it.”  They are attempting to dismiss and delegitimize us.

How to respond:

  • Let the person know how important it is to have a word that describes how you feel.
  • Explain that although they may not see the need for the word themselves, you, personally, need that word.
  • Explain that words are important for communication of abstract concepts.  (This response is often best delivered in full-on snark mode.)

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Cherik Hide and Seek

I am not sorry for this but I had to. 100% inspired to do this by this…


An important part of cinematic history.

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There's an infomercial for a steam mop or something on my tv right now, and pretty much the only two colors they are using are purple and white. All I can picture is Clint pushing the thing around the apartment and Kate coming in just as he's saying, "Aw, mop, no."





I’ve been staring at this for a few days now trying to think of something good to say, but all I can think of is Clint being the guy in the informercials who like can’t manage to do anything right without the help of whatever product the infomercials are trying to sell. 

And it is really funny to picture. 

And kate making fun of clint because he always buys the stupid products from late night infomercials but can’t even manage to get those to work. 

also think about kate using his credit card to order things from the infomercials when he’s sleeping. when they get there he’s all, “i don’t remember buying this…”

and kate just lifts her coffee cup to her mouth and says, all nonchalant, “musta been sleep buying again, clint. you should really try to stop that.”


my finger slipped sorry

do not apologize, this is perfection. 


i can’t believe we live in a world where someone on tumblr can call chris evans a dorito in the tags of some post and have it circulate so widely that robert downey jr calls him that often enough that chris evans gets the joke behind it.

Top 5 Super-villains?


  1. Rick Remender
  2. Brian Michael Bendis
  3. Joss Whedon
  4. Steven Moffat
  5. Dan DiDio

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